When A Brilliant Mind Can't Cope

(This article is my opinion alone.)

So when you feel no-one understands you – what do you do?

Yesterday arguably the world’s most brilliant comic mind took his own life. 

Robin Williams fought addiction to cocaine and alcohol, while delivering his free wheeling brilliance to us all in his movies, shows and live performances.

Yet when you stand far above the madding crowd and act as a commentator or mimic – life can be lonely.

Simply because there is no one else there.

With you.

Up there – where you can SEE it all.

And THAT can be debilitating to the extreme. When you don’t know anyone else who can fly with you at that altitude of perception, of brilliance, of intellect, of fearlessness.

And so addiction can pierce you – to the core.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because addiction can be a multi-dimensional situation.

When, as an advanced intuitive, I frequently watch as spirit technicians haul out dense pockets of fear energy from a person’s aura – or when they simply dissolve a negative entity who may be controlling a person’s thinking, I understand how addiction can stem from spirit world interference.

Substances like drugs or alcohol open pathways for lower entities into a person’s subtle field. 

Quickly a drug addict or habitual user can become laden with hidden spirit entities who literally strum the strings of that person’s psychology.

And over the years, I have seen such negative spirit interference lead a person’s psychology to end their life. 

I’ve noticed from years of observation, that this is their agenda. This is my personal summation.

I’d love to invite you, dear reader, to always remember that YOUR prayers and requests TO the spirit worlds of love and light DO go answered.

So when a brilliant mind around YOU may show signs of not coping, PLEASE engage your own spirit helpers – and ASK THEM TO HELP this precious person.

And, they will.

Because they can SEE what is truly occurring below the physical plane of existence.

And they LOVE to support those who long for love.

That is the truth – my spirit tutors are asking me to write this, right in this moment.

If there is someone you know who is losing their will to live, please ask your spirit helpers to intervene, to scan their psychic energy, to clear their mind and heart of negative spirit influence.

If you do this frequently, you may find that person’s thoughts begin to change towards self-respect and optimism.

YOUR PRAYERS may help a brilliant soul stay here to serve the rest of us with its insights, its clarity and its sense of freedom.

Robin Williams chose finally to free himself from the interfering monkey on his back. We can all respect that. He chose to finally ascend into higher planes of love and joy.

And I know we all thank him for his extraordinary time he has spent amongst us in this life. For his love for us, that he gave us so many new perceptions, moments of utter fun, deep insights and hilarity. Clarity AND hilarity.

We pray for his precious soul that it feels lighter, brighter and joyfilled.

He deserves now the 'home' he came from. 

Of highest love and light.
May God bless him.

Alicia Power 
Master Intuitive

Master Telepath, Energy Healer and Soul Activator Alicia Power delivers direct-from-Spirit education on 'how' to awaken step by step. Her own 34 years as spiritual adviser give her deep knowledge on the stages of soul awakening. As a former journalist, Alicia clearly communicates simple tips that change your life and help in your empowerment journey. Alicia is a consciousness thought leader, psychic researcher, blogger, author of numerous on-line courses, videos, and products. She is a regular guest speaker on global tele-summits, leads her own tele-seminars and webinars, is a feature writer for lifestyle magazines, and shares her knowledge on radio interviews. Her popular Twitter feed has over 59,000 followers. Discover her courses such as Soul Workout as well as free content  on www.soulmentoring.com.

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