Do You 'GET' Your Soul?

Are you a techie? :-) I'll explain....

Given that we don't know ourselves THAT well (for example our sub and unconscious just do their job and pop up every now and then) - we seem to steam ahead in our lives anyway, hoping one day we'll discover the breadth and depth of our selves.

Why is this interesting? I guess it's like our computers: if you're not really a full blown techie, knowing how much memory is in your computer hard drive is nearly enough information to just get on with it. 

Looking too closely under the hood doesn't necessarily help do your main daily jobs.

So, what about ourselves? Do we need to look under the hood? 


There is one good outcome if you're someone who's done years of research into hidden dynamics that might 'drive' your reactions and motivations.... that is getting to know a part of you that DOES the choosing.

Does the choosing? What does that mean?

Here's why I'm asking...
If you're a sales person and you want a juicy cheque from your proposal to a company, one of the first goals is to find out who has the authority in that company to sign the cheque.

The decision-maker makes or breaks the game.

Similarly with ourselves. Normally each day we are driven by external signals to our conscious selves - like figuring out how to pay the phone bill that just arrived in the mail.

Our choices are most often DRIVEN by outside triggers. For example your father being a model for you to become a surgeon who volunteers in Africa is also an external trigger.

External prompts may be your strongest influence in decisions - and what you choose to do each day.


I'm going to propose another option - discover the decision-maker that sits much 'higher' than your everyday self. The part of you that guides your choices quietly with complete control .... 

I'm going to invite my spirit guide tutors to describe this part of us:

Thank you Alicia for this opportunity - we are ALWAYS grateful to offer our perspective to create clearer insight and joy!

The part of yourself that Alicia is referring to - is your higher soul.

One of the qualities of your higher soul is that it really really cares. 

By that we mean that this aspect of you - IS YOU though MUCH higher than your everyday human self. 
So - it certainly does not think similarly to your conscious mind and personality.

Instead, it feels more than thinks.
And the result is that your soul REACTS to your decisions with feeling - and sometimes repulsion!

For example, if you are hurting yourself by NOT celebrating your life the way you genuinely would prefer - your soul will be reacting in a type of pain. 

It will try to send you signals and simple messages through your body (maybe illness or accidents) or just through stalled, blocked projects - and also of course, how YOU feel. 

So a really good idea is to stop everything sometimes, and TAKE THE TIME to just BE with your own soul.


The point of course, is to enquire gently - directly to your soul - how it is feeling.

This might sound like a new idea - or maybe an obvious idea - except VERY FEW PEOPLE DO THIS!

So - the take-home message today is: 

1. PLEASE stop everything, and visualize your soul standing in front of you.

2. ASK it what it wants, what it is feeling - and what it thinks of you and what you are doing.

One of the most important reasons is because IT truly is the decision-maker.

In the higher arc of your hurried life, your soul watches and feels your every thought, longing, presumption and conditioned hesitation... 

AND it starts to guide you higher - into more satisfying choices.

If you let it - and if you 'get' it.

We love you!
Alicia's Spirit Mentors

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