How The Spirit World Can Help You Change Reality

Yesterday I went for a walk beside the river and reflected how sometimes humans get it SO wrong.

We push and shove and wrangle and hustle, get exhausted then give up. Sometimes.

Yet when it comes to giving OURSELVES ‘TIME’ (is that so important? I hear you say…) or just REST – well, that can be a seriously foreign decision.

WE, often - just don’t figure high on our list of priorities.

And ladies, we’re not alone – the men are just as bad. Probably worse.

WHY should we prioritize ourselves? 

Want to hear what my spirit tutors have to say on this? (If you’re not familiar with my work, I’m an advanced spirit communicator.)

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OK – so this is a major topic of discussion.

Reason? Burn-out is not just adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, depression, loss of libido, losing your life dreams or sense of self-esteem…. 

Nope. It’s not JUST about that. At all.

It’s MUCH more.

It’s about that YOU don’t notice you are ALIVE.

What? Alive?

Yes. Alive. YOU. Are. A.L.I.V.E.

Why is that important – NOTICING you are alive.

Well, just the small thing of….

YOU have ONLY THIS MOMENT to notice it.

You won’t notice it in the future, or in the past.

You ONLY have this particular moment to NOTICE it.

And that takes SOME configuring TO NOTICE it.


Because the PRESSURE of commitments, obligations, drives, false excuses, laziness (!), fear, panic, self-hate, lack of self-esteem, rage at God, feeling unloved, (we think the list is pretty much endless) – STOPS you from STOPPING.

From stopping – and STILLING DOWN…. to notice your breath.

To notice your body.

To notice the light in the room.

To notice the SOUNDS around you.

To notice your FEELINGS below your thoughts.

To notice your fear.

To notice your self-pity.

To notice your panic.

To notice your grief.

To notice your joy.

To notice that YOU ARE SO LUCKY!

Just – to notice.

Because it is in THE NOTICING…..
that you WIN.


LIFE just IS.

IT is happening ALL the time – silently.

Quietly, BELOW your brain – your CONSCIOUS self.

And it is ONLY when….. you stop and NOTICE …. LIFE….

That you get ‘there’….

THERE:  is THE ‘now’.

THE…. ‘now’.

Not just ANY ‘now’.

THE ‘now’.

And NO MATTER what circumstances you are in.

RIGHT NOW is THE ‘now’.

Now, from our perspective as THE Spirit World, we all ‘hold our breath’ when someone actually NOTICES the ‘now’.

It’s simply because THEY. HAVE. WON.


They have, for that MOMENT – slipped out of ego, the fear-based logic-driven, TIGHT, control-obsessed ego mind – into….

LOVE, presence - of LIFE FORCE.

You see, THAT. IS. ALL. THERE. IS.

The ego-mind is a construct that fails miserably to generate joy.

It stays stuck in fear, caution, the-known, a box of lies that some time ago worked for you.

We say this really clearly, emphatically for you, reader, so you understand a basic power point….

THE NOW - HAS the ability to create a NEW outcome never before IMAGINED.

And that is simply BECAUSE YOU – are NOT alone in this physical dimension your consciousness temporarily occupies. 

Your consciousness stays inside a narrow band-width of awareness – until it begins to notice that it is not alone. 

Inside your mind.

And at that point – when it realizes it is not alone in your mind, that you notice that REALITY CAN be generated as a COLLABORATION.

(We would like to introduce ourselves here…. We ARE your mentors from higher dimensions, from a place of love, and… we KNOW you.)

SO – this incredible NOW moment has INFINITE POTENTIAL.

Simply in its UNFOLDMENT – each second, as you STAY with that PRESENT moment.

WE know EXACTLY how to LIFT your REALITY STREAM… your life continuum.

Into a HIGHER parallel universe of outcomes – FOR YOU.

In a quiet moment, when you DO have space to FEEL into your LIFE 
PREFERENCES, what comes up for you?

THIS practice ALONE could change your life.

Why? Because WE are listening. Watching – YOU.

And what WE are looking for – in YOU, is HOPE.


Vision. Empowered KNOWING of something you would like to have happen – for you, to you, through you.

Because the FEELING of HOPE is YOUR gear-stick, your accelerator, your force de majeure.


Search inside yourself RIGHT NOW.  Where is it – inside you. Hope.


We are pushing you into a moment like this for a critical reason.

YOU – taking a PRESENT MOMENT – to STOP – and FEEL – your HOPE….

GALVANIZES your QUANTUM reality matrix to….

CREATE this TO you… so you become IMMERSED in more of this feeling of… HOPE.

You see, HOPE is not just a feeling. 

Some random, not-so-interesting feeling – that is only worth relegating to the back of your mind because, well, it just doesn’t PRODUCE!

Like actions PRODUCE.

Oh. My. God. NO.


reaching…. stretching…. past your LOGIC…. past your fear… past your numbness, your not-knowing, your lack of awareness of yourself as a high vibrant empowered vast intelligent spirit being…. (yes you are)…

HOPE is your soul pushing past all that…

And IGNITING something…. deep inside you… that is still part of your psychic anatomy…. Your SOUL JOY.


What IS that? Why mention that? In context of REAL LIFE – things?

Now SOUL JOY is a true WONDER.

Not just because it makes you FEEL nice.



Into HIGHER PARALLEL UNIVERSES – that otherwise are not IN YOUR REACH.

Universes? Yes, parallel existences that co-exist as you LIVE this current life… Other VERSIONS of this one.




But aren’t UNIVERSES big things? Like stars and space?

OK – let’s start from scratch.


Just that – you exist.

So, what ELSE – um exists.

…. Anything? (We’re listening…. What is your answer?)



Not much else ‘exists’.

Given that YOU – are a point of consciousness, that puts its attention on things, and learns, and observes, and reacts, and chooses, and….

So what is all that – that’s OUTSIDE of you, that you observe and react to? People, things, noises, everything?

Our answer: It’s YOU. Everything.

YOU are generating it…. Subliminally.

Are you overwhelmed with that answer?

Oh my! That’s WAY too much.

Nope. THE ACTUAL REALITY – is, that it’s YOU.

Ask any physicist.

Quantum particles are CONNECTED to your CONSCIOUSNESS…. They are EXTENSIONS of you.

Quantum particles… they move and form in and out of physical dimension, according to YOUR mind, it’s expectation, it’s KNOWING of what is ‘there’.

So, if you frequent any external place, you EXPECT it to stay the same.

Well, we are here to quietly mention, that YOU. CAN. CHANGE. YOUR. EXPECTATIONS.

Want to know how to do that?

HOW to collaborate with Spirit Mentors, SO that YOUR private universe CHANGES?


 Then read the following carefully:

1. Close your eyes.

2. ASK for a spirit mentor of LIGHT and LOVE to connect with you gently, lovingly.

3. ASK that being, once you FEEL them connecting, IF they are indeed of the LIGHT and LOVE.


4. Tell them – EXACTLY – how you HOPE your LIFE to LOOK and FEEL.

Take your time…. Do this! Take your time and DIVE into THE FEELING OF HOPE.

Stay there….. nice and slow and timeless.


Do this with FULL force, full power, full clarity, full intention.

The reason?

Because your Spirit Mentor has the skill, the power, to fulfil your HOPE.

BUT – they NEED your permission, your clarity, your intention – they will CATCH THAT…. And push it forward – into another ‘reality stream’…

Another parallel universe.

You see, YOUR HOPE generates a particular signature frequency.

And your Spirit Mentors are LOOKING for, in you, from you, a NEW signature frequency…

That GENERATES a new subliminal PERMISSION…

For a new reality.

Now, just quickly, (hang on to your hat here) this technology (which is exactly what this is, have no doubt) DOES HAVE the potential to change realities ON A GLOBAL SCALE.

For the collective of humanity.

INNER FREQUENCY POSITIONS, can, absolutely, with help and assistance from Spirit Mentors of love and light, generate such power of high authority spirit love, that entire collectives of personal universes – are changed into higher realities. 

Realities of love, joy, forgiveness, competency, co-operation, compassion, global participation in unifying hopeful circumstances.

That is just how the QUANTUM reality creating mechanism works.

It works with LOVE.

LACK of love, dries up the force of joy and hope – and then doubt, fear, self-hate and avarice begin to create shared global realities.


It’s a quantum soup alright!



And to learn to HOLD THAT HOPE STEADY – fiercely maintaining love in your heart – above all fear.

You see, it’s a global war on FEELING.

Is that a new perspective?

Sometimes when something is described differently, you can keep it in your heart more clearly.

SO – would you like HELP with your CONSISTENT STATE OF FEELING?

And, would you like HELP with COLLABORATING with your High Authority Spirit Mentors TO GENERATE HIGHER PARALLEL UNIVERSES?

We are here – for you, with you, alongside you, ALL THE TIME.

Just reach out and let’s begin your training – to love, to empower your ability to HOPE.

Alicia’s Spirit Tutors.

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  1. HOPE? H. O. P. E. ?!?! That seriously brings tears Dear Alicia. Thank you...thank you...Hope + trust...that, that could even be a possibility...❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️