Your Highest Gift To Yourself

If your life can be the best it can be - how would you like it to be?

Today has been a beautiful day, sunny, relaxed and our local beach just perfect on a mid-winter Sunday afternoon. As I walked along the beach, stopping every now and then to wait patiently for my puppy to catch up, I was forced to turn my attention to the sheer beauty of the sky and the ocean.

Perfect blue and aqua, and today, the king tide storms have subsided to a languid gentle rolling surf.

Am I lucky to live here? Absolutely. Do I give this beauty the attention it deserves? Absolutely not.


I can't help reflecting on the dichotomy of being human - we yearn for stillness and relaxation and happiness. Yet much of the time our minds are pre-occupied, tense and just NOT in the 'now' where we possibly might catch a GLIMPSE of the astounding beauty around us.

Even if we're in the city, we can always look UP. At the sky. We can always turn our attention towards something of nature. NOT man-made.

Why do I write about this today?

 Because there is a tragedy taking place. And that tragedy is that our MINDS have FORGOTTEN how to be still. AND - more importantly, how to OBSERVE 'creator love' that is stunningly prolific around us.

This (in my mind) terrible dichotomy is THE tragedy of being human in an age of electronic devices (I LOVE my iPad), the pressure to meet financial obligations, massive information overload, distracted attention because of too many daily to-do's, and as mentioned in a previous post all our internal self-imposed spiritual and conditioned expectations. Phew! No pressure!

Again, on this topic, I'm going to ask my spirit guide tutors to comment on this weird dichotomy: that we live in a world of spin, hype and expectation. Pressured by internal AND external factors. HOW do we maximize our enjoyment? What is our way out?

How can we ENSURE the highest love-filled life we can live?

Here is their answer:


Wow! Thank you for asking us this eternal question!

We would like to start replying by asking YOU a question - and that is: WHY do you punish yourself so much when it comes to NOT being present. Meaning - if you are present, or are NOT present, what does it matter?

From our point of view we prefer to just 'be' - wherever AND however we are.

So a good strategy to have is:

1. Don't self-judge
2. Realize that this is a learning curve.
3. Also realize that you are a baby in this training
4. AND, START looking at your PRIORITIES.

When we use the word priorities, we're referring to:

1. WHAT do you want to EXPERIENCE in this life?
2. WHAT are you willing to do to achieve that?
3. ARE you happy to drift - or would you like a SHORTCUT to the STATE OF HAPPINESS?
4. Out of 100, HOW valuable to you is a life of love and joy?
5. WHERE do you go to receive tuition in this STATE training?
6. WHAT is it IN YOU that is demanding a life of love and joy?
7. WHO ARE YOU (beyond your human self) that you feel that love and joy are your deepest priorities?
8. WHY is the experience of love and joy your highest aspiration - and indeed NEED?

These questions are profoundly valuable because until you notice that it is YOU that is DRIVING this reaching for a higher joy, then you may continue to be distracted by your external environment.

(Duh! Though obvious - it is THE key realization!)

When you begin to realize and OWN that it is YOU alone (no matter who else or what else is externally influencing and distracting you), that is craving a higher state of joy and love, that is when you begin to take the steps that will build a long-term bridge to this higher state.

So what we suggest is taking time out to feel into this issue.

And again, the issue being profiled here is: 

Yes, you DO long for a life of consistent love and joy.
However, until you slow down enough to finally accept that it is YOU that will need to make the EFFORT - and fully OWN that to be the truth, you quite possibly will continue to be distracted.

The dichotomy is this:
The inner state of love and joy is available to you - all the time. 
Yet it absolutely takes YOUR decision to access it.

SO - in every moment your decision is the key.

That is why EXTERNAL factors are the distraction obstacles to your preferred state.

UNTIL YOU DECIDE NOT TO TAKE EXTERNAL REALITIES SO SERIOUSLY you will continue to be distracted - and unplugged from your preferred state.

This may sound controversial - yet it sincerely IS the ultimate key to consistent joy and love state.

In ancient religions this was named 'non-attachment'. 
Where 'god-consciousness' was attained through abstaining from pleasures and human enjoyment.
Of course this extreme training is not needed in this day and age. 


However we will say to everyone reading this post - 'we' CAN internally TRAIN you to begin to sit in this 'sweet spot' of love and joy. 

All you need to do is simply ASK us sincerely - from the heart. 
In your own mind, put your attention on us and ASK. We'll hear you!

From that time on, we will begin to help you NOTICE what you prefer and don't prefer - to the point of crescendo! SO THAT YOU BEGIN TO CHANGE your inner platform of self love.

The final point we'd like to make here (to give you a hand) is that you are NOT alone in this process - internally.

We DO have your heart and mind in our focus - whenever you ask us to help out in your inner training.

This is a given. So we thought we'd mention that - to everyone reading this blog post.

AND - we're excited we get to express ourselves through Alicia to you!

So, gifting yourself a life of inner love and joy is certainly possible. However it does take consistency of LONGING, directing that longing to us (right there is the shortcut) and allowing us to work with you gently from the inside :-)

You now know what it takes - and you also now know you can ask us to help you get there.

Much love to you!
Alicia's spirit tutors.

Alicia Power
Master Intuitive

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