Spirit Secrets To Un-Wellness

Hi! Alicia Power here...
Sometimes our bodies tell us 'something isn't right' that may be more than 'germs'! 

Did you know your physical and energy systems immediately respond to spirit-world ‘infection’?

A few days ago I was feeling a bit unwell and wondered if it was more than just a cold or flu coming on.

As an intuitive I have trained for decades to scan my auric field for any interfering energy or mischievous entities that can easily take a ride in our electro-magnetic system.


So I simply lay down – gave myself an hour to figure it out, and sure enough, what had been a nagging feeling of being unwell, finally showed up (after some deep scanning by my spirit friends) as a malicious entity I had picked up walking my puppy in a country park on the weekend.


So there it was – in all its glory being pulled out unceremoniously by the spirit technicians who tirelessly work with me at the drop of a hat, to check ANYTHING I invite them to – in my auric field.


I sometimes wonder how ‘normal’ people cope with life, when they DON’T have this spirit partnership available to them, simply through lack of training, awareness or interest.

I guess these types of ‘entities’ or nasty spirit beings just enjoy playing whatever game they like in someone’s emotions, psychology or perceptions – without their host realizing (just like I didn’t realize for a day or so).

In case you are wondering – what it felt like to me (before I figured out what it was) was:

  • an upset stomach, nausea,
  • uncharacteristic emotions of sadness,
  •  lethargy,
  •  lack of motivation,
  •  mental confusion about normally clear issues,
  • a general feeling of drowning in intensity – you get the picture.


In contrast, as soon as the entity was pulled out, my heart relaxed, my nausea started to recede immediately, my emotions relaxed to zero, my psychology relaxed to calm stillness, my feelings opened to heartfelt self-love and self-respect. (Hey, I immediately tidied my room… )

I thought I’d share these insights and ‘secrets’ with you all, who may be reading this blog. Because I work with this every day, inviting my spirit buddies to scan my field so that I stay SUPER clear to facilitate people, run consciousness groups and write blogs and articles like this one!

I’d like to invite my spirit mentors to make some comments on this experience – for all our benefit:


Dear ones!

Thank you Alicia for asking us to overview this topic, because, as you can imagine it is dear to our hearts.


From our view point it is REALLY essential to keep your auric field clean, as much as possible because your consciousness resides in your auric field. Many people do not equate the two.

So – when your aura is calm, comfortable, holding a high vibration easily, and there are no entities stirring your unconscious blocks and past wounding, your essential SELF can FEEL itself more easily.

That is similar to when you finish a deep meditation, and feel CONNECTED to your essential SELF.

That essential SELF IS your anchor, it is your ‘heart being.’


Lower resonance beings and entities easily pass through the permeable wall of the aura. Easily.

We highly encourage you to spend time with your spirit helpers, ask them to hold your heart open, to heal your subtle energies, and to scan for hidden caches of low vibration and disempowerment energy in the beautiful matrix that is your aura. It IS certainly time for you to begin exploring this valuable 24/7 resource.

Because Alicia is experienced, she can quickly sense when her aura is interfered with. She self-observes her psychology dispassionately, knowing she can quickly change her state at the foundation level.


If you would like to learn to open to your higher spirit helpers, to heal your deep fears or uncertainties,
  1. Simply lie down (just like Alicia) and invite your light and love spirit helpers to be present.
  2. Begin stating CLEARLY what issue/feeling you need scanned,
  3. Clarify to the spirit helpers what they should focus on (eg: your emotions about someone/something).
  4. Then allow yourself to lie quietly while being attentive to subtle impressions of where the spirit helpers are healing.
  5. Continue to guide them, letting them know other intense emotion-based ‘stories’. These will guide the ‘helpers’ to the exact chakra or area in your energy field.
  6.  Allow yourself to bring subtle feelings to the surface or allow your body to yawn, sigh, wriggle or release pressure however it wants to during this time.

If you give the spirit healer teams enough time, the work will be completed beautifully.

Time and focused attention – is your part in this exchange.

We encourage you to perform a deep scan with your spirit helpers at least once per day.

Much love!
Alicia’s spirit tutors.

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