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As humans we PRESUME a lot...

I’ve recently started a monthly tele-class where I allow (channel)  spirit tutors to train people to “Hear Them Better”!

Now, you may not be interested in taking the time to acquire this skill, simply because life is pretty busy and there really is too much weighing on your mind.

I’m fascinated to hear what my spirit tutors think about humans – and this prospect of “hearing them better” – what would their comment be?

So – I’m about to let “Them” tell us ….


Dear ones,

First of all, we’d like to thank Alicia for this opportunity to simply voice our opinion.

(We don’t get this opportunity enough!)

In this thing called ‘LIFE’ most people focus their attention on surviving, paying their bills, enjoying their social times with family and friends, and maybe expanding past their normal circumstances into adventures around the world.

What we are proposing is that LIFE IS SHORT and there is more here, to life, than literally MEETS THE EYE.

We, of the spirit realms, LOVE to play with humans in order to help them live HAPPIER lives.

There is a major reason for this: LIFE itself is FULL of LOVE and HAPPINESS. The ‘thing’ that LIFE is, INSTANTLY makes humans HAPPY.

So, as spirit tutors, we see our role as always ‘pointing’ back into the internal worlds where HUMAN HAPPINESS never leaves.


You see, there is a riddle in the puzzle of life.

That riddle is that “HAPPINESS” isn’t OUT THERE. Ever.

Happiness RESIDES INSIDE human consciousness. Inside your being.

Not outside. Not in the bill being paid or the next corner to explore.

Yes, the bill being paid switches your stress into relief! However, HAPPINESS is something different to RELIEF from fear.

HAPPINESS is something that is CONSTANT! It actually NEVER goes away. It is constantly on-tap wherever, whenever whatever. And that is a fact.

What is NOT a fact is your interaction with HAPPINESS.


As spirit tutors, we are in the dichotomy of watching the human race slide past that simple PLACE inside themselves ALL THE TIME. And – we see our role as simply REMINDING YOU to stop all thought and activity – at least sometimes – to just go there.

To just go there.

Really simple.

It really is incredible that these two different ‘planes of experience’ exist side by side.

The human bustle of action, stress (sometimes), future planning, anguish (sometimes), striving and driving…

And the still point of vast BLISS inside each human.


We see ourselves as bemused parents watching a toddler in a sandpit getting frustrated that the sand just doesn’t STAY in the bucket! The bucket has a hole in it…. yet the toddler does not understand that the hole is the key factor stymying his endeavours.


What is it about that HOLE!

So…… IF a human CHOOSES to STAY IN THAT BLISS STATE – just say…….

their ENTIRE LIFE WOULD CHANGE – for the better.  

That person’s inner world would DICTATE their outer world.

Can we mention that one more time?


1.       They would NOT accept lower experiences. They would simply remove themselves.
2.       They would make people around them happier.
3.       They would ENJOY each moment. (That is big.)
4.       They would NOT need their external environment to make them happy.


That is nearly all we need to say. It’s a BIG pointer to another style of living.

This is NOT about becoming a hippy or becoming destitute because you now eschew making a living or meeting obligations.

It IS about becoming SMARTER with your CHOICE OF FOCUS.

It really is THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE OF HUMAN LIFE – the decision to FOCUS ON LIFE-FORCE constantly. And let THAT guide your consciousness, motivations and thoughts.

So, being spirit tutors we very much like being able TO COMMUNICATE TO YOU the ‘HOW TO’ and the ‘WHY’ of what you may be missing…

The tiny detail you may not realize is missing.

THAT is why helping YOU open your inner awareness to our communication – directly to YOU is ‘off-the-scale’ valuable.

Don’t you agree?

Much love,
Alicia’s Spirit Tutors

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