Magic In The Moment

Yesterday I was walking with my husband along the road enjoying the relaxed Sunday when we met our 92-year old neighbour Gelda in her backyard. 

She looked more frail since last I’d seen her and she confirmed she felt a little unwell. 


Within 10 minutes of our conversation Gelda seemed to shake off her 92-year old persona and a lively swapping of stories ensued. Gelda revealing mischievous snippets of the inside story of her second husband, an artist who had died 20 years previously. 

She lost her fragility for those fun moments shared on the sidewalk. 

Her earthy humour eclipsed her age and she was a young woman again – ageless. 

And so we are – ageless. 

Beyond our physical condition, beyond our circumstances, beyond our self-talk we are the fun-loving, joy-filled-eternal-youth-soul who looks for ways to have fun. 

(Don’t start me on my Mum who at 88 revealed she doesn’t know where the years went – and suddenly she’s an octogenarian.) 


We WATCH as the years go by. 

We WATCH our life flash by – WE the watcher. 

I’ve discovered (and you may have too) the only way to ENGAGE in the juicy event called MY LIFE is to be deeply PRESENT in the moment. 

It’s in this self awareness state that you can TAKE IN the magic – and keep taking it in. 

And never leave the magic – so that the JOY is always there. 



Whenever each of you reading this DECIDES to ‘let go’ or surrender the fight to CONTROL your reality – THAT is when you reach beyond this physical lifetime and TOUCH the divine. 

Letting go – or surrendering control, means not being invested in the outcome. 

It means you can have preferences and goals, yet be prepared to walk away from ANYTHING if it doesn’t work. 

And that includes security, financial endeavors, relationships – whatever. 

The decision to ‘surrender’ is not a na├»ve moment, just the opposite. 

You are NOT giving your power away. 

Conversely you, in that moment, CHOOSE to AWAKEN to a HIGHER POWER. 

And to ALLOW that higher power to move you and your reality. 

THAT is surrender. 

Sometimes that can look like speaking up and no longer accepting second best. 

Sometimes that can become a moment of being OPEN to new hope or new experiences. 


So ‘letting go’ is REALLY a higher platform of ‘reality shaping’. 

Where YOU choose to surrender FEAR. 

It’s a subtle moment – and we recommend you ask for help to receive such a moment today! 

Thank you for asking for our overview. 

You can ask any time! 

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Alicia Power

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