The Logic Of Love

Sometimes it takes an uncommonally BIG lesson before we finally relax into the hard won gold-nugget-realization at the end of the rainbow.

By BIG lesson, I mean just-about-beyond-one’s-capacity-to live-past-the-final-stage-of-the-lesson lesson. When ‘giving up’ is definitely on the screen of one’s being.


One day last week I felt myself nearly giving up – so I asked my spirit tutors to help me. 

I’ve discovered this lovely ‘tool’ in being mentored by them – to simply ask them to HELP me surrender.

Now the WORD ‘surrender’ is easily spoken, and is known by most people in the consciousness movement.

However, when one is being trained by vast beings of light from higher dimensions, that small word ‘surrender’ is often a MAJOR realization of truth – a deeper truth from one’s own heart - than previously one was ABLE to fathom.


So when I ‘ask’ my spirit tutors to help me ‘surrender’ – from experience I KNOW they will instantly untangle the wiring in my consciousness SO THAT I can feel that deeper truth – and know it viscerally.

Backtracking here a little, my spirit tutors know exactly how to usher my consciousness into that moment, into that corner from where I simply cannot escape without WANTING to surrender.

This, I have to say, is the unutterable beauty of working so directly with spirit tutors.


It is not everyday that a human dialogues lucidly with spirit teachers from higher planes of love and intelligence.

However, if and when any person begins this kind of priceless journey and training, it IS the beginning of the end so-to-speak.


By that I mean that WHEN a person communicates easily with spirit tutors, for the express purpose of training their consciousness into higher levels of love and awareness, then these spirit tutors will begin the ‘growing up’ process. 

They will begin the awakening process.

What does ‘awakening’ mean to a spirit tutor?

It means beginning a carefully spirit-mentored journey where that person’s conscious logical mind notices profound and ever-deepening truths of life - much faster than before.

And the ‘growing up’ part, is taking the logic of a human and convincing them gradually, that this physical world is in fact, a dream.


You can imagine what that would take! A slow, piece by piece dismantling of carefully created presumptions that keep us feeling stable, real, normal and comfortable.

That is why, as I was being ushered unerringly into that corner as mentioned above, I was on the edge of – well – giving up. Another ‘skin’ was being removed.

Now – does the every-day person have the fortitude to confront such a powerful discombobulating?

I think so. I think every person on the planet as of this moment would sincerely prefer to know the truth of their life. 

However, this moment may not be the appropriate one for this to happen, yet, if they were asked at the right instant, they would probably prefer to know.


I can honestly confess that I feel truly blessed I am in the hands of caring – yet unerring mentors who know my fortitude, know my stamina, know my longing, and know my pain threshold.

So what kind of person would put their hand up for this process?

Certainly a person who is longing to discover THEMSELVES in their full potential.

Certainly, I’d say, a person with courage and a deep decision to empower themselves beyond their current safety zone of knowledge.

Or, possibly a person who at some point said to themselves and to ‘god’, please take me! Please lead me! Please hold me, and take me into ‘you’.

It is that type of person who literally ‘surrenders’ to a process that is DESIGNED for them, literally.

So, this amazing process of awakening is not for the feint-hearted, yet it is for everyone!

Isn’t that an enigma!


My most valuable conclusion here is to let you know that spirit tutors are SOooo close to you. SO close. 

They hear your every breath, feel your heart, feel your longing. And you can literally CONVERSE with them – easily. With a tiny bit of practice.

And the point of my chatting about this?

It is to say to you, dear reader, that YOU can take a moment and begin a priceless RELATIONSHIP with a spirit tutor – who will absolutely take you by the hand and begin training your heart, mind and soul – to awaken.

Faster – than you can do that on your own.

Alicia Power

Master Telepath, Energy Healer and Soul Activator Alicia Power delivers direct-from-Spirit education on 'how' to awaken step by step. Her own 34 years as spiritual adviser give her deep knowledge on the stages of soul awakening. As a former journalist, Alicia clearly communicates simple tips that change your life and help in your empowerment journey. Alicia is a consciousness thought leader, psychic researcher, blogger, author of numerous on-line courses, videos, and products. She is a regular guest speaker on global tele-summits, leads her own tele-seminars and webinars, is a feature writer for lifestyle magazines, and shares her knowledge on radio interviews. Her popular Twitter feed has over 59,000 followers. Discover her courses such as Soul Workout as well as free content  on

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