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As the year closes I am grateful for the training, the teaching and the subliminal program of empowerment my Spirit Tutors have led me through!

Each moment is a ‘Training Ground For Masters’ they say… and we don’t notice half of it!

As the moments fly by every day we usually don’t notice those momentary challenges placed before our SOUL – to choose love over fear.


These challenges are subliminal most of the time. They are not meant to be noticed, my Spirit Tutors tell me.

Because our training is subliminal so that it is integrated into our daily expression. And that’s the way God planned it – as the song goes. 


Now, what I’m referring to is the amazing reality that we as humans are living in our unique Soul School of Hard Knocks – or of Sublime Joy. Whichever way we are guiding it to unfold.

Within each sacred simple moment is a choice. Of love or fear.

And our war weary souls (much of the time) do their best to fly over the fear and land softly in love.

And – as you and I both know, this is not usually the outcome. Most often we only just manage to feel self-respecting enough to maintain the status quo. So that no feathers are ruffled and no-one’s nose is put out of joint. (Oh the metaphors!)

We manage this with aplomb, yet our own noses are often out of joint – without a thought for our own Soul Comfort. 


Soul Comfort comes in two flavors, red and green. 

Red for “I hate myself and therefore everyone else can get what they want and I don’t matter.” 

Or Green: “My reality is the only reality that gives me joy from the heart. Therefore I will abide by my Soul’s needs for love, gratitude and fulfillment.” 

Green does not need to be seen as selfish or arrogant or self-focused. Often it is to the contrary – and Green Soul Comfort (a filled cup) becomes an out-pouring of love and joy to others around you. Who feel the joy of being loved. 

And the training continues each second, each divine moment we breathe.

The training to choose self-love, Soul Comfort – the Green flavor over the Red.


It truly is an amazing story – written in the heart and spirit of each human alive today.
“Did I choose Green – or Red?”

In the rallies of Egypt, Tunisia, Iran and the Arab nations – the conflicts in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, where people stood up and spoke up for their rights (and still do). This is Green. (Not to be simplistic in off-the-scale complex situations.)

When a woman acknowledges her fear and speaks up in her relationship, or when a single individual protesting on behalf of an oppressed society stands before a military tank in the name of peace, knowing their life may be sacrificed, that is Green.

We are all dealt a pack of cards in our lives. How we work with those circumstances is our choice. How we MEET those circumstances is truly our choice.


Each of our souls is a vast being who has ‘done the rounds’ of lifetimes many many times over and over. 

So the pack of cards it holds in its hands this time round is a new chance to tune the ‘choosing’ for Red or Green.

Self Respect or Fear.

Self Respect – or Fear. 

And we all know what fear feels like – self-doubt, self denigration, abdication to slavery of someone else’s neurosis, caving in to a dictator who seems all mighty, caving in to global apathy, accepting a world view that minimizes corruption and greed, accepting the lower pain-filled expression of our self as our real self (as is not the case.) 

That is fear – which often disguises itself as self-righteousness and “I’m on the right path – and YOU are not!”

Which can dictate that someone else has to please you.

Which can feel like a manic need to control someone else…

Ever feel that? 

That is not you.


Your Soul Comfort prefers others to feel loved – and cared for.

Your Soul Comfort LOVES to enjoy freedom – in others as well as yourself.

Your Green flavor Soul Comfort LOVES to know that LOVE nourishes those around you – not fear.

And so – to nourish your own Soul – to give it a sense of comfort – look out for ways to offer love to others around you.

It is an ancient well-practiced well-honed habit of many volunteers and charity workers around the world. 

The feeling of nourishment to your own soul when you offer love to someone else.

Just a thought around this time as many families and friends remember each other and reach out to touch someone (as the song goes).

May peace come to your great Soul and Spirit this Christmas everyone. 

From the heart of God / Great Spirit – to us humans experiencing a wondrous training in love…

Mote it be.

Alicia Power 
Master Intuitive

Master Telepath, Energy Healer and Soul Activator Alicia Power delivers direct-from-Spirit education on 'how' to awaken step by step. Her own 34 years as spiritual adviser give her deep knowledge on the stages of soul awakening. As a former journalist, Alicia clearly communicates simple tips that change your life and help in your empowerment journey. Alicia is a consciousness thought leader, psychic researcher, blogger, author of numerous on-line courses, videos, and products. She is a regular guest speaker on global tele-summits, leads her own tele-seminars and webinars, is a feature writer for lifestyle magazines, and shares her knowledge on radio interviews. Her popular Twitter feed has over 59,000 followers. Discover her courses such as Soul Workout as well as free content  on

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