The POWER Of YOUR Purpose

It doesn’t take TOO much imagination to NOTICE that LIFE is precious, that EVERY second counts, and that if you have a loved one, THEIR love for you gives your life meaning.

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Now you’ve heard probably that YOUR love for someone gives your life meaning, but I’d like to explore this thought more closely.

My Spirit Tutors are happy to give their insight into this enquiry….

Alicia's Spirit Tutors Comment:

Hello everyone!

Thank you for inviting us to communicate more clearly the WHAT, that can galvanize the meaning in your day to day life!

We use ‘galvanize’ because MEANING is what you as humans often LIVE for.

Meaning, it gives you purpose: not intellectual purpose, but LOVE purpose.

A kind of purpose that establishes the power and fearlessness in your heart – that literally gives you ‘wings’ to fly towards otherwise unattainable goals.


And when we say ‘unattainable’ goals, we mean goals that otherwise you may not even consider, if you did not have a driving force that literally catapults you forward towards an endeavor that shoots you past what you normally would choose for yourself.

And here, we quickly remind you of the often quoted example of a mother lifting a car off her child, or other herculean results that just are not usual in our everyday.


So – here we have this thought, that someone’s love for you, gives YOU meaning.

How can this be? Surely it is YOUR love for someone else that triggers that off-the-scale power-response?

We’d like you to consider for a moment, that when YOU feel loved by someone (we’re talking genuine love here), YOUR heart feels warm to THAT person….

YOUR heart grows in appreciation of that person – simply BECAUSE of their love for you.

This is a natural response. When a small child reaches for your hand in an open loving way, you naturally bend down to support them. Because you care.

But more than that….



When someone OUTSIDE OF YOU looks at you with love, your chemistry switches on, your HEART WELCOMES the ‘look’ (when it is honest, healthy and heartfelt) and YOU BEGIN TO CARE…


So, as humans, this is how you were designed.

To love – each other.

So that when ONE person loves another genuinely, the other responds with love too.

LOVE IS the currency that sends the best signals to all our neuron-pathways – SO THAT the world becomes MORE LOVING.

So that the RESULT of ONE PERSON loving another, TRIGGERS that other person TO A LOVE RESPONSE.


Now, the REASON we are opening this subject for discussion here today, is because there are many wars in many countries on the planet.

There are many innocent communities undergoing destruction and degradation – and fear for their lives.

Is LIFE worth holding up as a valuable goal?

Is saving a human life worth our effort, or our undivided attention or focus?

Let’s take a quick look at this question, just for a moment.


From where WE sit, in the higher dimensions far above Planet Earth and humanity, we operate in a constant STATE of LOVE – it is the very fabric of our being. It is WHAT we are – so we don’t ‘choose’ to love so much as simply constantly emanate that consciousness.

However, humanity is DISTRACTED from experiencing LOVE – quite often.

If somehow you remembered to frequently ACTIVATE love, you would become accustomed to feeling it so often that it would feel like your ‘preference’. It would start to feel like your ‘normal’ state.

So a big task for you here (as a reminder) is to repeatedly switch on love – make it a habit.

Now, if and when you did habitually FEEL love, your normal response to profound destruction of human communities would be to lend a hand.

To help stop this dire situation from continuing.

You, dear reader, have a voice. Even more so in this electronic age of Twitter, Facebook etc.

This world feeds off news, off each other’s news, off each other’s stories, off each other’s view points, off each other’s passions.

Your ability to spread your passion instantly via your social media accounts can be YOUR way to change the world.


Consider for a moment that you have decided to change the world.

What would your first action be?

Stop and think about this for a quick moment…. Right now. Write it down somewhere….

How would you start changing other people’s attitudes to ‘something’…. So that a mass change of perception took place?

You live in a mass perception, instant communication, viral news world – remember?

And also remember that ONE PERSON’s viewpoint can be extremely powerful – when it is your deep honest real truth.


There is something about the deep honest real truth – it is real.

And it hits everyone the same way – because it is true.

THAT – right there, is YOUR POWER.

To express YOUR truth – to the wider community so that others ‘get’ that truth and reconsider their own attitudes.


And yes, you CAN communicate, so that a wide number of people HEAR or READ YOUR HEARTFELT clarity.

We are genuinely encouraging you to speak up to your human community – BECAUSE there are people losing their lives, their precious lives on your planet – due to war, politics, lack of compassion, lack of consideration, lack of humaneness.

Darkness is a real force behind many human experiences of degradation and loss of life.
And that darkness CAN be met with love, with a force that is equal to it.

The souls of people needing a voice need YOUR voice.

Their souls are calling to YOU to help, to speak up and to LOVE them.

This really, is an opportunity to LOVE someone fiercely, as if that person was your own child.

And as if that child had just been caught under a car.

It is with THAT level of fierceness that LOVE can meet this opposing force that takes over humans that hurt others.

We, as Spirit Mentors from higher dimensions of LOVE offer you who is reading this message, a feeling of hope, that LOVE is powerful, meaningful, joyful and very very CLEAR.

CLARITY takes the guesswork out of Life Purpose.

It puts all the cards openly on the table and asks YOU to choose which ones you want.

And in this life you CAN pick up ‘LOVING FIERCELY’ – going for the top cherry on the cake.

Giving your all to LOVE.

This is a powerful message for you to read. It is not communicated to you lightly.

We would like you to carefully take a moment to consider this.

Thank you for considering it!

Deep love to you dear reader,

You ARE loved.

Alicia Power’s Spirit Tutors from CEO Levels Of The Spirit Dimensions.

Alicia Power
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