Life Emergency Measures

Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of panic, fear and downright terror. 

It doesn’t happen often – just every now and again in our lives.

Maybe a beloved is very ill, or even passes over. Maybe our home is near re-possession, or our bills are not being met, no matter how hard we toil.

Perhaps we lose touch with our friends and family and find ourselves very, very alone.

Many, many circumstances can take us by surprise – and even feel like an ambush – by life.

I’d like to ask my Spirit Tutors for their comment on such circumstances – because I know some of you ARE suffering. 

And some of you ARE battling with situations that call for truck-loads of COURAGE. 

The kind of courage where you don’t know HOW – you just know somehow you will slide through the other side of these experiences – that hurt.


There ARE times when you, as humans, suffer – deeply. And these times ARE intense and nearly overwhelming. We get that. Truly!

OUR role as mentors standing beside you in your ‘movie of life’ – is to simply lean gently towards you, so you suddenly FEEL a small enough release of the panic – so that you have A NEW THOUGHT.

Now this may not sound like much – however it is the vital shift – that takes you down a very different compass 'radial line'. Towards a higher stronger feeling of empowerment and ‘can do’. That then leads to a new decision.

You see, these cognition ‘shifts’ are what we are ALL about.

That IS what we do.

We lend our eons of training to examining your thought pathways, your emotion energy wave forms – and we simply change them.

And, because we love you truly, deeply, we will only intervene like that – when you really really need us. Otherwise the law of Free Will would be circumvented – and that is definitely NOT our agenda.

We have strict rules here in the worlds of spirit – of love and light. We agreed to them when we chose to participate in this exploration of ‘light’ and ‘dark’ in this universe of Free Will.

We stand aside MOST of the time – until YOU invite us into your ‘movie’ – to help you in some way.

We simply are bound by these regulations – until ASKED.

We actually prompted Alicia to write these words for you today – to genuinely LET YOU KNOW that we ARE available to ‘cut in on your act’ – and HELP….. YOU.

We can do that ANY time – so PLEASE ASK US :-)

Now – something we’d truly love to add here, is that YOU hold the reins of those MOMENTS when you ASK a Spirit Helper for help.

In that moment, if you are in rage or depression, or self-hate of any kind – we simply CANNOT HEAR YOU.

You are NOT anywhere NEAR our frequency radio-wave-band – so your feelings flow in the opposite direction from us. Towards lower spirit beings who quite enjoy your powerlessness.



If, however, you ARE in deep fear and maybe even terror – please do this (SO WE CAN HEAR YOU)….

     1. First slow your breathing down – slow in, and slow out. This will calm your mind, emotions and body. This will also gradually help you FEEL your honest heart – what it REALLY REALLY wants. (It could be freedom from debt, or to shine your soul for others).

2. Then: ASK your Spirit Helpers for HELP in FEELING YOUR HEART.  This part is critical – to swing your ‘radio frequency’ back 180 degrees – back to love, hope and self-respect. (If you DON’T do this – you will be talking into an empty echoey room. No-one there on that radio wave band!)

3. THEN – ask from your heart.

 4. We gave that one lots of quiet room – so you get it. Because THAT, right there is THE equation for manifestation – from the heart. 

We wanted (and prompted Alicia to write this today) because we could feel many of you are under a LOT of pressure to perform in life – to manifest your dreams. 

Indeed to manifest your LIFE’S WORK!

And – as we know very, very well, there are winds of challenge blowing sometimes, that can cut you to your knees. 

We’re NOT being over-dramatic. It happens.


Thank you SO much for allowing us this brief moment in your life – to share a connection to your heart, and to genuinely offer solid hope to you.

Because the irrefutable truth is that – you are NEVER alone.

Thank you, we love you, and hope we can serve you when YOU feel to reach out and touch our hearts…

Alicia’s Spirit Tutors

Note from Alicia: As I finish writing this piece, my Spirit Tutors whisper to me: “This is WAY overdue.”

Alicia Power
Master Intuitive

Master Telepath, Energy Healer and Soul Activator Alicia Power delivers direct-from-Spirit education on 'how' to awaken step by step. Her own 34 years as spiritual adviser give her deep knowledge on the stages of soul awakening. As a former journalist, Alicia clearly communicates simple tips that change your life and help in your empowerment journey. Alicia is a consciousness thought leader, psychic researcher, blogger, author of numerous on-line courses, videos, and products. She is a regular guest speaker on global tele-summits, leads her own tele-seminars and webinars, is a feature writer for lifestyle magazines, and shares her knowledge on radio interviews. Her popular Twitter feed has over 59,000 followers. Discover her courses such as Soul Workout as well as free content  on

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