I’ve just read an intriguing article about indigenous power dynamics - based on forces of good and evil in the spirit worlds.

And how some non-westernized indigenous cultures use their sorcery these days to punish tribal power brokers who illegitimately give away land for leasing to westerners. And that punishment often results in mysterious death.


What struck me about the information is the acknowledgement that spirit ancestors are interacted with daily for good or evil, and to wield power or reciprocate a perceived harm in current day indigenous cultures.

Also what was explicitly stated in this extensive article on the subject, is that old cultural boundaries and brokers for these acts of sorcery have changed.

Brokers and healers are becoming commercialised for their services, and ancient norms, codes and carefully mentored cultural boundaries within which this work was once practiced, are being lost.

This unfortunately is leaving normal village or urbanised indigenous people (from the culture referenced in the article) more and more nervous and terrified that this sorcery may be directed towards them – without  a means to manage or control it.

As an intuitive, I work with the worlds of spirit every day. And also use my ‘sight’ and spirit partnerships to clear my body and aura of shadow spirits daily.

What amuses me (and makes me kind of concerned), is that this spirit side of reality is usually totally ignored by Western culture.

Strangely, Western religions all have their accepted pantheons of gods, saints, helpers in the worlds of spirit.

Yet the normal person in the street hardly considers that walking at night in dark places could result in a low-level spirit possession.

The Western mind is not trained to contemplate the possibility of ancestral spirits playing mischief with a person’s mind and emotions.

It is considered ‘woo woo’… and many sincere therapists and practitioners refuse to turn their minds to the possibility.

Yet globally, all indigenous cultures work with spirit realities as a daily matter of course.

Is Western culture missing something?


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