Hidden Influences To Your Mood

The other day I felt a bit flat and wondered what had happened to my normal cheery self! Ever felt that way?

Ever feel your life is going round in circles and you're just not getting the TRACTION you need?

Here's what my spirit tutors have to say about this common dilemma ...
"Hi everyone!

We would just like to mention that today is a special day. YOU ARE ALIVE!

Look down at your nose and notice it is breathing AIR in and out. We're serious.

Simply noticing that you are breathing is a game / mind changer. It takes your FOCUS OFF FEAR AND DOUBT onto SOMETHING INCREDIBLY SIMPLE.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the secret of meditation.


LISTENING to your breath is another powerful TOOL for switching channels in your mind... 

We know this sounds WAY too simple for our modern tech savvy individual, yet without a still, calm attitude to your everyday life, the wheels can fall off many carefully constructed realities you are fostering.

Now, maybe you are already a super meditator, yet still you fight your inner demons and try to keep your chin above water - most days.


Here is another WEE tip: stop doing ANYTHING you hate doing. :-)

Simply because YOUR HEART IS NOT IN IT. Duh! And at your level of simplicity in all things, your HEART is your steering wheel for a happy life.

Maybe you are tearing your hair out because you've heard the above for the last 30 years of spiritual practice! Fabulous!

Except THIS MOMENT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. Sorry to be blunt with the obvious. 
Even seasoned consciousness students have to maneuver their mind into position each day. Because there is more than this lifetime in play each day. 


What is at play? What influences you each moment, each day?

Here are a few influences hidden beneath the flow of your day...

1. You parent's genetics - their ancestors' challenges and trauma suffered in their lifetime - not to mention psychic influence sometimes from these same ancestors! (Happens sometimes!)

2.  Your own past incarnations - the feelings from which DO kick in to this life periodically, with strong fears/trauma experiences still stuck in a chakra - and trying to unwind themselves to heal.

3.  Your soul's higher existences pre/beyond this life - and the spirit world's factions that observed and oversaw your journey in the higher worlds. (Some not so good.)

So you see, there are many subtle movements way below the conscious mind that we begin to feel as we become more involved in our spiritual self-love and awakening.


SO - here's another tip...

1. Start your day with a good solid meditate.

- This floods your system with spirit light and keeps you topped up for the day - like filling up a tire with air. Nice and tight - and impenetrable.

- You connect and spend TIME with your deepest inner self. This allows your inner child to feel safe and loved by 'god source'. It also helps REMIND you to feel loved just for being alive. 

- This simple CONNECTION with your own god-essence - in the stillness of the no-mind state - helps remind you that you ARE a spirit being, vast, eternal and infinitely wonderous and beautiful.

The value of meditation is nearly limitless. 
So - take it on as a life-saving practice. It will lift your heart - and your life.

We LOVE you!
Alicia's Spirit Mentors

Alicia Power
Master Intuitive

Master Telepath, Energy Healer and Soul Activator Alicia Power delivers direct-from-Spirit educationon 'how' to awaken step by step. Her own 37 years as spiritual adviser give her deep knowledge on the stages of soul awakening. As a former journalist, Alicia clearly communicates simple tips that change your life and help in your empowerment journey. Alicia is a consciousness thought leader, psychic researcher, blogger, author of numerous on-line courses, videos, and products. She is a regular guest speaker on global tele-summits, leads her own tele-seminars and webinars, is a feature writer for lifestyle magazines, and shares her knowledge on radio interviews. Her inspirational Twitter feed has over 55,000 followers. 

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