Life Is A Quantum Movie

Sometimes god in his wisdom tricks us into believing we have it all figured out...

Then, when we’re fighting to maintain balance in a moment when we’re totally out of control, we remember...

This reality is a holographic quantum movie.


Strange how we frantically scramble to find solid ground in some circumstance, before we go: “Oh yeah! This is a movie!”

I’m mentioning this because this is not talked about in our schools, by our Mums in childhood, by anyone really.

I still remember the moment – after 1.5 decades of deep spiritual practice – when a spiritual healer mentioned it to me – from her true knowing.

I felt a comforting familiarity  with this new knowledge. It didn’t feel ‘weird’ at all. 

There was a sense of ‘someone just spoke the truth’ – and with that a feeling of expansiveness.


So what does that mean: This reality is a holographic quantum movie.

Just simply that the solid ‘physical’ part of everything we experience is actually just energy vibrating – throwing up onto the ‘screen’ in our mind’s eye the impression that it is solid and physical.

And – by the way – yes it IS real.

Just like your dream at night is real – when it shocks you into waking, sweating with fear or uncertainty.

Experiences ARE real when they touch you, change you, affect you, hurt you, inspire you, uplift you and educate you.

And those experiences can take place ‘outside’ in the ‘movie’ – or inside in your dreams or psychic inner explorations.

Einstein said: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."


The reason I’m opening this subject today is because my Spirit Tutors would like to start a discussion on ‘What Is Real’…

Here is their comment:

Dear ones!

It is with great pleasure that we open up discussion on this subject.

We feel that humanity has long ago forgotten this simple reality – that the physical world is temporary – is not even solid. And that definitely it is simply a classroom for your growth – just as a moment of reading an important piece of information in a book triggers a new unfoldment of realization.

We designed this physical reality so that you – each of you – could simply ‘see’ yourselves.


We designed it so that you could walk into experiences that both love you and also give you discomfort. This was important in the initial design decisions because we felt an environment where you made ‘decisions’ - developed your awareness of yourself as empowered.

Your holographic ‘movie’ was designed to train and help you feel empowered and clear in your decisions.

However, the force that created the challenges – shadow energy – is getting stronger and much of humanity is no longer able to ‘push against it’ to make decisions in an empowered way.

We mention this because we’d like everyone reading this to realize that a key reason you have incarnated into this life is to push against this force. And to do it with love, empowerment and deep core clarity.


This force is latent within you just as much as it is outside of you, in other people or in collective movements.

So your daily practice of meditation, yoga, singing, exercise, motivating activities – friends, gatherings, blissful love-filled experiences are unfathomably essential to pushing back against this shadow force.

The energy flows in the spirit realms flow around you and through you all day – constantly. Becoming aware of your inner state is the first step to realizing that you actually do feel the effect of being ‘touched’ by spirit beings – both shadow and light.

Yes you are human – and you are also spirit. Your spirit self is vast, a huge field of light that catches the currents flowing around it. If your huge energy field is laden with shadow energy you will feel unwell, dispirited, low motivation, maybe angry and frustrated and self-hating.


If you are smart enough to cleanse your energy field each day with positive practices, your enormous field of light will be full of love vibration, joy and a sense of freedom and excitement. The energy YOU develop in your electromagnetic auric field will translate as high optimized life outcomes.

This is the main message we – who designed this electromagnetic holographic virtual experience you are having – wanted to convey to you. To remind you that you do have the power in your hands to change not only your external reality – the actual script of your movie – but also how you feel as you are travelling within the movie.

Your daily clean up – ‘light pumping’ practices are vastly essential to maintain light, love and a sense of inner freedom and joy.

And that, in turn, will magnetize higher realities in your ‘energy movie’.

We’re happy to have had the opportunity to mention this to you.

Many of you understand this already – and we’d like to add that we are available to support and accelerate your learning in this lifetime. All you need do is ask us in a quiet moment deep in your heart. We will hear you.

With love, 
Alicia's Spirit Tutors

Alicia Power
Master Intuitive
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