Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with ‘to-do’s’… with a list so long of ‘have-to’s’!  Is that you? 

It sure is me sometimes…

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We welcome this chance to share something that is urgent - and love-filled for you...

Some time ago, (many still do) humanity lived a simpler life, tilling the soil, working with nature to feed their closest communities. People spent much of their time connecting with nature because their lives depended on it!

Nature was their bread basket, their multi-product supermarket.


Nature also held ‘energy secrets’ that moved emotion, intention, feelings and attitudes. 

So nature needed to be heeded closely, as it could prompt changes in a person’s entire point of view. And thus in the lives around that person.

These days, in modern ‘civilized’ societies who wear rubber shoe soles, walk on concrete and carpets and often hardly notice the sky amidst crowds of pre-occupied people – there may be a feeling of something unbalanced. Something lacking – lacking a deep nourishment to the physical nature of our ‘selves’ – even of our souls.

Nature communicates. It sings constantly a subtle sound, whether it’s the rustling of leaves, gentle warbling of birds, the buzz of insects, the wind in the trees, or a tree creaking slightly… 

These sounds nourish our ears, our electromagnetic fields. Sound waves coming from nature are designed to heal our auras – and our soul.


In First Nation people, these sounds were not only sounds from nature, but sounds from Spirit Friends letting a person instantly KNOW something important. The sound itself could ‘touch’ a person in a way that delivered a blessing, or a message.

An animal or bird could wing past, or suddenly be noticed – whether it was an eagle hanging motionless high in the blue sky, or a rabbit quietly looking at you, before turning and running away.

These sacred still, beyond-human-thought moments spoke of love, connection, being-ness and a sense of unity with the great breath of the Creator Force.

A person knew they were being cared for by their ancestors or Spirit Helpers – that they were not alone.


In our offices today we struggle to connect with nature. We have phone apps that play ocean sounds, or running water sounds.

We try to feel back to our ancient skill of feeling loved, and connected to the great wonder of Mother Earth.

We look up at the sun during eclipses, or the moon and stars on bright evenings and marvel at the wonder of it all.

Yet deep down we know we need to stop the rush and just be – with the beauty and the power, and  the extraordinary Creator Love that propels all of the natural world.


Now, the reason we are mentioning this today, is because humanity as a whole community is veering towards a precipice. Where the natural world may lose its balance and ability to support humanity.

Certainly the Creator Force is still ever-present as always – yet millennia of natural eco-systems forming themselves to offer the gift of SENTIENT life forms on this planet – humans – is under threat – from the humans themselves.

The fragile atmospheres surrounding Planet Earth that shield humans from the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays and regulate Earth's surface temperature are being polluted with a damaging increase of carbon dioxide…. 

Industrialization has polluted the seas and skies – and our bread basket, the natural world.

The animal kingdoms of many species are quietly leaving the stage of this life… becoming extinct at an accelerated pace. Simply through lack of loving care of this Garden of Eden – that was made available for us to enjoy.

Gigantic corporations spread toxic waste throughout these fragile eco-systems – and most people ignore this or feel helpless to make change.


We are not mentioning this to instil in you a feeling of hopelessness – but rather to help you notice your own need to FEEL loved by Planet Earth.

YOU are a product of Her – she is a Mother being to you. Your soul incarnated into her being – her higher energy fields, and her physical mantel. Your body is made from her.

You and She have the same nature.

YOU love to sing too. You love to nurture and be one with her in her beauty and freedom of expression. 

That is your nature too. Your natural expression is joy – as is hers.


Perhaps, before you leave this extraordinary planet to return to your Higher Soul Self beyond physicality, you may like to help bring her balance back to a Love state.

So that SHE feels loved, by her children, humanity.

And ALL you need to do is speak up. To speak up to those in ‘power’ (who after all are just humans just like you.) 

By ‘speaking up’ you simply allow the voice of your spirit, of your higher soul self, declare what you know to be true. 

This is not a ‘command’ from us of course – we’re suggesting this to your Higher Soul Self because it LOVES doing this kind of thing!

It genuinely LOVES speaking up and helping love Mother Earth. 

It LOVES loving Mother Earth – because HER love is so utterly vast and forgiving, and beautiful in itself.


She needs and deserves advocates – and voices speaking on her behalf. 

Simply to bring humanity to the realization that Mother Earth now needs support to stay in a state where HUMANITY can survive. 

THAT is the issue at the forefront here. 

SO that humanity has enough centuries yet to achieve its own collective self-realization of consciousness in this exquisite classroom – on Mother Earth.

This is a hidden force in you, and as soon as you begin you will feel the ‘rush’ – the exhilaration of self-respect as you learn to ‘speak up’.


This is for you – as much as for ‘her’. YOUR own growth and empowerment will come from this learning and engagement. Your own realization that YOU matter as much as anyone else. And that YOU can make global changes just by speaking up.

People listen when others speak the truth. Many individuals wish they could help and long for encouragement. 

Enjoy your journey here on Mother Earth – and learn that YOU can change a precipitous dynamic that needs your voice.

We love you – and CAN and will support you ANY time you ask for our help.

Alicia’s Spirit Tutors.

Alicia Power
Master Intuitive
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